R&D Ability
Innovation system &Setting up Competitive

Wei Xing joint-stock company has strong capability of research and development, and Shenzhen Industry Park is one of China’s R&D center for zippers and buttons. With hundreds of design and development staff, we are professional in studying the function and application of zippers and buttons through the system of technology research and product innovation. Meanwhile, according to the demands of our clients and the fashion trends, we design novel products about 6 thousand every year.
At the same time, we have set up a technical innovation system to improve our products constantly and enhance our competitive ability by effectively using the social resources of science and technology, and applying the method of “Dynamic Alliance”---a cooperation which combines domestic universities, research institutes and enterprises.

Research and Development Idea

The company takes innovation as the soul, and market as the orientation.  Adhering to both technological innovation and institutional innovation, we organically combine the “bringing in” and “going out” strategy. Making full use of both international and domestic markets and resources on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, innovation is gradually increased.

R&D Department

The company has a research and development design team of more than 400 staffs with over 6000 products annually. The company has received 53 patents in the field of production craft, production process, product quality and structure, new process and new technology and so on.

Technology Department