Social Responsibility
Environmental Protection

We adhere to the environmental policy of “keeping environmental protection laws and regulations in order to prevent pollution, to prevent waste from advocating conservation, and to creat blue sky and clear water to harmony and achieve healthy and benift development”. and add more and more environmental protection facilities. Such as thermal energy conversion furnaces, wastewater treatment centers, dust and exhaust gas purification systems, etc.; and setting up specialized agencies and personnel to strengthen environmental management, to implement PDCA cycle as a method to implement safety and environmental hazard identification, risk assessment, to implement environmental operation control procedures and environmental monitoring measurement. 


Employee Benefits

Weixing pays attention to the protection of legitimate rights and actively improve the working and living conditions of employees to create safe, comfortable and content work atmosphere. We have invested heavily in modern workshops according to international standards and formulated various strict regulations to protect the working conditions of employees. We have also constructed staff quarters and canteens with high standard to improve the living conditions of employees. Various activities are actively organized to enrich the spare time life of employees.